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For a limited time only we have a number of very special sneak preview Family Passes available for a very special price!


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promopass The Hidden Treasure Discovery Centre is due to open at Easter 2018. Before the centre opens to the public we are holding a couple of very special sneak preview, private events and we have a limited number of family passes available for this event! It's makes an ideal Christmas gift for every family!


The Limited Edition Family Pass includes a special invitation to the preview events, a super limited edition Hidden Treasure Golden Coin, and at the event itself, drinks and a cake. We would love for you to make the most of this offer and join us for the special preview where the children will get to try out the entire centre before anyone else! It's sure to be a really memorable event.

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The small print and extra details!

When is the preview event?

Right now, we're not certain! If all goes according to plan the centre will opening at Easter 2018 and the event will take place on a weekend prior to the public opening. On your pass there is a special email address to sign up for the latest information and to confirm your place at the event as soon as the date is confirmed.

What if we can't make the date?

That's no problem. If you don't make the preview event the pass can still be used at any point before Easter 2019.

What if the centre doesn't get built?

We're certainly not expecting that to be the case, especially as a huge amount of money has already been spent on plans, drawings and professionals fees! However, in the event that for some reason the centre didn't end up opening, you would of course receive a full refund.

When will my pass arrive?

Our special coins are currently in production. We expect orders received in November to be posted out around 10th December in the regular post. You will recieve regular email communication to let you know when to expect the pass.

Can I give the pass to someone else?

Absolutely! In fact we encourage it. We think the pass makes a fantastic Christmas present, especially for families with children who already have lots of toys. We simply need to know who to expect on the day.

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