About Us

Ruth and AndyHi, we're Andy and Ruth Lancey. We were a couple with a dream for our local community. We’re now a big team with a dream for our local community. As we’ve shared our story and our vision, more and more people have come on board – incredible people with a vast range of experience in business, community work, education, children’s and youth work, marketing, buildings management, restauranteering and much much more.

We’re being supported in a huge way by the local churches of different denominations and the centre will be a resource for them as well as resourced by them.

We are community leaders as well as entrepreneurs and run several significant community-led projects and groups. We’ve become so aware through our years of experience and friends in related fields that many adults struggle to parent their children well, not because they don’t care but because their own background, experiences and understanding of who they are prevents them from doing so. It's widely recognised that many parents are unable to provide sound emotional support for their children because they have never had any themselves. Sadly throughout the UK we’re raising a generation of emotionally and spiritually illiterate children and we believe that our vision for the centre can play a small part in addressing that desperate need and begin to reverse the trend in our region.

Not just another soft play!

As a parent to young children it can often feel as though life is a never ending soft play world tour and our love/hate relationship with the traditional play centre is a never-ending struggle.

Hidden Treasure is different. In our centre children will play and run down their incredible energy reserves, but they will also learn as they play; discovering incredible truth about themselves and their priceless value. They will discover the Hidden Treasures that lay within, and explore the irreplaceable role they have to play in our communities.

The centre is not-for-profit and alongside play, parties and lessons, there will be a packed programme of free courses for young people and adults in subjects like parenting, debt support and life skills. All surplus income will go back into the local community; providing much needed funds for youth workers, family support projects and social inclusion projects.